Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Foggy Dream, A Distant Memory

I used to dream of one day becoming a fine artist.  One whose hand gently painted, sketched, and mimicked my thoughts and dreams into beautiful works of art.  Using color to portray moods and emotions, using lines and shapes to create drama and intrigue.  Ahhhh to be an artist!  It just always seemed to be the perfect way to express your emotions good or bad, besides being a rock star:)
This is a tribute to my dream...I created a Treasury in Etsy of just some of my favorite "fine" artists.
Please check it out and give the artists some love!

Is there anything you dreamed to be?  Are you living your dream now?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fantastic Friday!

Well I must say today has been a Fantastic Day!
I started out by going to a big Fabric and Sewing Destash Sale. One of the women in my Knitting Guild (El Segundo Slipt Stitchers) is getting rid of over 70,000 yards of fabric along with trims, felts, crafty do-dads, sewing machines and sergers to make way for more yarn. So of course I had to stop by and just happened to find some really great ribbons, that were all just $1 a bag!

So far I think these are my favorites!

And I am not even sure what to do with these ribbons yet, but I am sure the inspiration will strike. What would You do with all these great ribbons? Leave me a comment with your ideas!

She also has an amazing vintage Singer up for auction that I may just have to win;) I mean I already have 2 sewing machines but who can pass up one of those beautiful old Singers!?

Then after arriving home I find my Books I ordered from Amazon waiting at my front door! Oh how I love the Amazon:) I am completely obsessed with books I want them all and my wish list on Amazon is never ending, from knitting to crochet to fibers to embroidery to sewing pretty much anything crafty. So I was especially excited today to get the 4 books I recently ordered,

Sublime Stitching: Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart - an excellent book that I have wanted for a while, great beginner book with lots of cute and modern designs.
Doodle Stitching: Fresh and Fun Embroidery for Beginners by Aimee Ray - also an excellent book that Amazon suggested to me and after reading the reviews knew I had to have!
The Embroider's Handbook by Margie Bauer - a book with over 150 different creative stitches including ribbon embroidery, which was also suggested by Amazon.
And finally Lilly Chin's Knitting Tips and Tricks - a great small handy book for knitters that has all kinds of great stuff like lots of different cast-on methods, fixing mistake tips, blocking and joining new yarn. I believe this one was recommended by one of the many knitting websites.

So I am totally overwhelmed and cant decide what to play with first, but I think I am going to start with the Sublime Stitching book since I did just get some beautiful new linen fabric.
Stay tuned next week to see the results and have a great weekend!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Well Hello there Blogosphere how do you do?

I've done it, I have made the leap and started a blog!
So to those of you out there reading my first blog post, Hello, and thank you for stopping through:)
I have been contemplating what to write in this here first blog post to give you readers out there a good idea of what this blog will be all about.
I have decided the best way is to conduct a mini introduction interview hosted by Mr.Blogosphere himself who will be asking the tough questions and digging deep to get the "real me" exposed.
So let us begin!

Mr.Blogosphere: So Miss Amy May who are you and where do you come from?

Amy May: Well my birth given name is Amanda May, but my nickname is Amy and have been called both all of my life. Think of it as my stage name;) I am originally from the corn fed midwest city of St.Louis Missouri, but currently live a much more exciting life here in El Segundo CA.

Mr. Blogosphere: Hmmmm interesting, what is it you do?

Amy May: Well I do lots of things, but recently I spend a lot of my time working on my Etsy shop which I am really passionate about. So I am constantly making and designing items for my shop as well as photographing them, listing them all while trying to learn how to make my Etsy shop a successful Handmade Business:) If I am not working on things for my shop than I am usually doing other crafty things and learning new techniques, like machine and hand embroidery, quilting, dying yarn, dying fabric, mostly all things Fibers. And if my hands are not full of fabric yarn or thread, then I am biking, camping & hiking,

rock climbing,

snowboarding (which I dont get to do often)

walking on the beach, taking turbo kick boxing, pilates or boot camp classes at the gym (I love being active), and of course hanging out with my wonderful fiancee!

Mr.Blogosphere: What brings you here to the Blogosphere?

Amy May: I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for many reasons. For one its a great way to keep track of what I am working on and share it with family and friends and anyone else who is interested, and its a great log for myself to look back on years from now and say "wow look at all the things I have done and how far I have come!". Secondly, I have always enjoyed writing and journaling, which I have not done in many years, so this is a good way for me to get back into the habit of writing down my thoughts, inspirations, dreams and goals. And being able to write to an audience (no matter how big or small) that can comment back makes it even better.

Mr.Blogosphere: What do you intend to write about on your blog?

Amy May: Well I intend to keep it mostly focused on my journey through making, crafting, and learning whether for fun or for my Etsy shop. I plan to share current projects personal and for my shop, business tips and advice, helpful info for all things Etsy and crafts, my inspirations, goals and dreams, inspirational artists and people, and lots of Tutorials and How-Tos!

Mr.Blogosphere: Well welcome to the Blogosphere Amy May!

Amy May: Thank you so much I am really excited to finally be doing this and sharing my love for Handmade with the world in such an intimate and interactive forum!

thank you-2

So if you love learning more about crafts and making things with your own two hands and are looking for some inspiration, then I encourage you to follow my blog and join me on my journey:)