Friday, July 15, 2011

Time to get it out there

Well it has taken much longer than intended to get photos of our First Year final show up on this here blog.
But alas, here I am with time on my hands, in LA while Christian is at work waiting to leave for Costa Rica to get married.
So without further ado here they are.

A shot of my forest canopy/tent/fort in the daylight, it is even more magical at night!
This one has a close up of the tiny led votives I added some of my green dyed fabric to for a look of glowing grass.
A peak inside.
Kathryn Bradshaw with her amazingly beautiful books.
Kathryn Bradshaw's impeccably binded book, she's got talent comin' out the wazoo!
William Ruek's Barn, with real live ducks.
Heather Bromer's modified teddy bears.
Killeen Hansen's Papercut Slide Narrative set-up.
Some of Killeen's slides projected onto the wall.
Karl Ramentol's felt bike seats and lamp.
Sheri Earnhart's set design.
Jody Dunphy's seeded and growing paper.
Sheri inside my forest canopy, probably my favorite shot of the night:)
Me and Christian enjoying a break from the show inside the forest canopy with our roommates.
Looking up inside the forest canopy!
And finally a shot of the inside of the forest canopy/tent/fort.

So if you made it through all those photos, I also made a video (my first one ever!) of the dyeing process for this project.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Till next time!
Hope you are all enjoying your summer:)