Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Felted Fit's First Fitting

Wow say that 10 times fast!  Well I guess its not that tricky on the tongue.

I am happy to announce that I had my very first initial fitting for A Felted Fit this week!  My good friend and former roommate Michelle is going to a Neurology Conference in Arizona at the end of the month and wants me to make her a dress.  Color me flattered.

Michelle wants the Rose Hi-Low dress in a deep eggplant color.  She stopped by the other day to try on the the Rose Hi-Low dress and I took some basic measurements.

I just had to share a photo of her in the dress, doesn't she look beautiful!

This dress fits her pretty well so I will be making some minor adjustments while making hers.  But I just love how the diamond shapes hit her perfectly along her natural waist.

It was really exciting for me to see the dress on someone else and watch her move around in it.  So thank you Michelle for my first custom order:)

Are you in the Portland area and looking for a unique custom made dress? 
Contact me and lets talk!

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