Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Featured Artist: Plemon Studios

Today I would like to introduce you to a good friend and extremely talented artist Jeremy Plemon of Plemon Studios.

I first had the pleasure of spending time with Jeremy during a week long sailing trip up the Pacific Northwest with a group of friends, where I was first introduced to his talent.  Everyone on the trip of course had their cameras and were all happily shooting pics of all the gorgeous scenery and shenanigans that come along with cramming 10 people on a boat.  Jeremy could always be found with either his camera or sketch book (sign of a true artist) in hand quietly and skillfully documenting the journey. After returning back from the sailing trip and sharing our pictures with one another, we came to realize that we were fools to be taking any photos in the first place, as Jeremy's photography blew us out of the park!  I mean really here is a comparison shot below.  On the left a rookie photo and on the right one of Jeremy's photos, see...see what I mean!

Jeremy is by far one of the most talented artists I know, and one of my favorites.  Which is why he will be the photographer at our wedding:)  (Yes that is the one thing I have planned for my wedding, the photographer!)  And I am so excited that Jeremy and his wife Erin (a beautiful and talented lady herself) finally decided to open an Etsy shop {Plemon Studios} and share Jeremy's artwork with the world!  They are incredibly nice and helpful and I am sure that Plemon Studios will be a big success.

One of my favorite things about Jeremy's work, is that it's not only well detailed and original, but has his terrific sense of humor layered in!  Currently, Jeremy's favorite mediums are Digital Photography, Digital Painting, and Ball Point Pen on Paper.

Check out these amazing Hand Drawn Mug Shots available at Plemon Studios on Etsy. 

These would make a great gift for that mobster loving man in your life!

And look at the detail in this ball point pen illustration!  
I dont know about you but I have never been able to get this out of a ball point pen.

And if that leaves you wanting more, check out his AMAZING Flickr page...I mean it!  Its full of some really interesting and original photography (like below), and isn't his wife just a doll!

So go check out his Etsy Shop and give it some love!  And be sure to heart it and check back often as he will be debuting some new paintings this month.
Plemon Studios on Etsy at
Plemon Studios on Flickr at


  1. WOW!!! Just hearted his shop - what an amazing artist!!

  2. Wow! What talent! Love the side by side photo comparison.