Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Super Cute 3hr Apron

So last week while baking some delicious desserty treats for some friends we were having over for dinner, I realized I needed an apron.  Even though through some sort of miracle I managed to keep my cute white shirt free of brownie and cookie debris, I really thought in the future I should play it safe and have an apron on hand.  It can be so heartbreaking to get a smudge, spot or spill on a favorite new top!

This weekend while perusing Joanns I just happened to find the perfect prints for my new apron, score!

So yesterday I found myself with a good 3 hour window of opportunity...Can I make an apron from scratch in only 3 hrs, just in time for dinner?   Hmmmmm.  This will take speed, ingenuity, and a little bit of cheating:)

Knowing that half of the "time battle" would be creating a pattern, I decided to cheat and freehand the shape directly onto the lining fabric...although I did use my dress form for a bit of help, I trued up the lines right onto the fabric and in about 20 minutes was ready to cut!  After a little bit of pressing:)
  (I used tailors chalk in blue for the rough design lines, then trued the lines and added seam allowance in red)

*Dont forget! - When creating your own patterns for a symmetrical design, you only need to create a pattern for one side of the garment, then place on the fold.  This saves time and ensures that each side of the finished product is prefectly symmetrical*

I liked the look of pockets, but I wasn't sure that I would be carrying around any cooking utensils in my apron, and figured the only thing they would carry would be food debris.  So to add a bit of color and complimenting designs I went with a simple patchwork-esque wide waist band that would become the tie in the back.  And then decided to incorporate one of the fabrics from the waistband into the neck straps.
After some simple math and about 30 minutes I was cut, pressed and ready to sew!
(The fabrics appear a little less vibrant as they are pinned with right sides together, ready to be sewn)

Another 1hr and 20 minutes later: after a bit of sewing (and miraculously no need for a seam ripper) everything was pressed and top-stitched.  After deciding on some buttons I was ready to add the finishing touches!
(yes thats a cracker on the left next to the scissors...I was hungry)

After adding the buttons to secure the straps, I decided to also add some cute embroidery stitches, the blanket stitch to be exact (thanks to my new book Sublime Stitching: Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart) to the edges of the strap to help secure the edges and highlight the buttons.

And at last the Super Cute Apron was Complete, mission accomplished!

I really am in love with how it came out, and even more excited that I was able to make it from scratch in a small amount of time with no mistakes, this has to be a first!  Cant wait to make the inaugural meal with it tonight...hmmm speaking of, what should I make for dinner?
- Japanese Curry with rice and salad
- Chicken and Pineapple Teriyaki Sausages with rice, miz veg, hummus and pita
- Good 'ol Gourmet Hamburgers with baked potatoes, salad and mix veg

What do you think my inaugural meal should be? :)


  1. This is ADORABLE!!! And I vote for the curry!! (Future blog post?) :) Keep craftin! -Joanna

  2. So cute! Love the fabric you chose! And Japanese curry is one of my faves :).

  3. Thanks Ladies:)
    Wow 2 votes for Japanese Curry!

    Lol Joanna its not much of a recipe, we buy the Golden Curry brick of sauce in the grocery store and add some vegies and pour over rice.

  4. omg, that is super cute! i just saw some aprons at anthro the other day. just out of curiosity...how long would it take if you wanted to add cute ruffles at the edge??

    p.s. im STILL getting comments re: my button earrings. i wear the white with red threading the most.

  5. Thanks Allie and Me(Ting)!
    It would probably take about another 40mins between cutting and sewing the ruffle:)
    Yay for Button Earrings!!
    Do you need more business cards to hand out;)

  6. OMG, that is so ADORABLE! If it weren't for you, I'd be buying it from you. :) I'm heading over to Joann's to buy me some of that wonderfully cute fabric!

    And congrats! Don't think I could make up my own pattern. Maybe some day. For right now, I have oodles of premade ones. :)

  7. Thanks Bri(BKD)! Thinking about putting some of them in my shop...or maybe even premering some at the Patchwork Long Beach show;)
    Maybe I should get a vote on that...