Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Tips and Tricks!

I have come across some great tutorials this week and thought I would share them with you here:)
They are all across the board (as I was doing a bit of everything this week) but in general are all helpful to an online business or just for fun.

First on the list is creating your own fabric Labels, have you ever wondered if there was a fast and easy way to make a few labels for yourself?  Well there is!  All you need is some twill tape, easily found at your local fabric store, and some t-shirt transfers, found at your local office supply store.
Check out Patchwork Pottery's Blog for a great tutorial! CLICK HERE

Next on the list is Google Analytics.  For all you other bloggers out there, did you know you can easily add your blog to your Google Analytics?  (this tutorial assumes you already have GA profile set up)  Check out Andy Wibbles Blog for a super easy tutorial on how to set it up! CLICK HERE

Now for all you readers out there who are familiar with photoshop and are wondering how to create one of those really cool flash adds for your shop, this is the tutorial for you!
Check out Creative Tech Tips Blog for well made easy tutorial on how to create a Flash Add with Photoshop. CLICK HERE

And last but certainly not least I will direct you to Handmade Spark for an interesting article I read this week about creating a banner for your Paypal page.  I have always wondered how people do this!  I think it looks great and can clear up any confusion for some first time buyers in your shop:)
Check out this great tutorial on Handmade Spark to get your banner set up!  CLICK HERE

And really did you think I would leave you without any pictures!?  So just for fun I will share with you some recent "for fun" projects I completed:)

Felt Flower - Wet Felting

Super Cute Hat with Fabric Buttons made by me:)

Thanks everyone and have a Great Weekend!!

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  1. I want to make these things!! We should get together for a craft night, lol!